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Saturday, October 21 | 9 a.m.


In our girl-centric learning environment, the first student to raise her hand is a girl, the
first student across the finish line is a girl, and the first student to lend a hand is a girl. This safe, supportive atmosphere fosters academic excellence, self-confidence and a healthy outlook on life.


   The elmwood difference

1. Girls learn best in an all-girls environment.

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise. At Elmwood, girls take on all leadership roles, explore non-traditional courses, and act as role models to their peers. Our girls are given the opportunity to be themselves and this has produced high levels of self-esteem, has fostered academic achievement, and has created a comfortable environment for them to grow and mature.

2. Value of an Independent School

We believe that the best kind of education is one that combines passionate teachers, innovative teaching methods, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, and small class sizes so every student gets individual attention.

3. Challenging IB Curriculum from JK to Grade 12

The International Baccalaureate Programme is undoubtedly the best educational programme available today to help prepare our students to face the challenges of the 21st century. It is the gold standard in international education and has been shown to provide the best preparation for the most competitive universities.

4. Student Success

The Student Success Centre is a centre for enrichment and support for Elmwood students from JK to Grade 12. It serves to bolster the excellence of the academic program and the supportive culture of the school. Each student is provided with the resources, skills and support needed to set, pursue, and achieve her academic, co-curricular, and personal goals in a healthy way.

5. 100% of graduates accepted to world-class universities

100% of Elmwood graduates go on to post-secondary schools, and 87% of our 2016 graduates were offered entrance scholarships to university. The class of 2016 was offered $2,350,000 in scholarship awards, with an average of $78,333 per student.

6. Beyond the Books — The Whole Girl

At Elmwood, girls are encouraged to stretch themselves, try new things, create and explore. The Duke of Edinburgh Award program is an engaging way for girls to do just that. This program develops the whole girl—mind, body and soul—through individual challenge, personal discovery, self-reliance, preserverance and responsibility. The program starts in Grade Nine.

Don't take our word for it—hear what Elmwood parents and alumnae have to say...


She loves school and learning...

"Avery just finished her first year in Junior Kindergarten and loves it. It is by far the best investment we have ever made. The program, students and faculty are amazing. I think the absolute best thing about it is hearing everyday how she loves school and learning. She just loves Elmwood. I can't ever imagine putting a price tag on that. Ever!"

- Robin May, Father of Avery in Grade 1


The moment we walked into Elmwood we knew...

"One of the things we were really focused on, as most parents of young children, is finding an environment that was loving and nurturing, that was going to give her the safety that we wanted her to have while she flourished intellectually and emotionally, as well as socially. I can tell you the moment we walked into Elmwood we knew this was the school that Bianca should be in."

- Jacqueline Palumbo-Sugunasiri, Mother of Bianca in Grade 7


So ready for it...

"I'm entirely excited to go to university. I feel like everything that's happened to me has been leading up to this moment—I'm so ready for it."

- Laura Morrison '16, Liberal Arts, Smith College and NCAA Rowing Team